Consider your fly size and weight. There’s virtually no disturbance on the water when the yarn lands (it weighs nothing and holds no water). Read the surrounding material from those quotes too. Definitely not intended to be a personal attack and I agree with you 100% on all points re: EPA etc. . Early on, I thought I would need bright colors, but I eventually learned that they weren’t necessary. The transition and sighter section is short enough that I fish with only the butt section in the guides. Strong tippet, Mark. When brushed out, braided polypro creates tons of surface area in an inherently buoyant material. The 1/4″ bands also work fine with larger Dorseys. No, they hardly ever come up for the Dorsey on my waters. . But trout often hold their position and simply inhale the fly, causing very little motion in the tippet and suspender. . Airflo Airlock indicators are very similar to Thingamabobbers in that they are … Simply put strike indicators are a visual aid attached to our leader to show us when a fish takes our fly. That’s awesome. That said, it sounds to me like you are likely lobbing the yarn indy instead of casting it. It should show you what to do. Your email address will not be published. (The slinky can also be made from Dacron.) Thanks for the input. Buy 1/4' medium gauge orthodontic rubber bands for the Dorsey here. I’ve been chasing the right indicator for a while now and I’ve never found one that does everything I need it to. I just keep precut pieces of tubing with my Dorsey’s, don’t need the special needle tool – pretty easy to slide the loop of line through the tubing. So I have two feet of room for adjusting up and down. I was ready to purchase yarn but the found out that bands on e-bay. I don’t think the importance of the Thingamabobber is truly understood. Another foam option is the “Turn On Strike Indicator,” two molded-foam pieces that cleverly attach together on your leader using a mini dog-bone shaped rubber band. The Dorsey has been part of my daily fishing for many years, and it’s the tried and true indicator for many other fishermen. To remove the Dorsey, grab the yarn and slide the rubber band down. Yes, it rides on the surface and not in or underneath it — that’s one of the things that makes it so sensitive. I think that an 8 strand small Dorsey wouldn’t work, so I’ll try it your way. Did you let the Rain-X dry completely before you applied Mucilin? Just got the circus cord. First, the rubber band should be snugged up against the bottom of the yarn and not actually up on the yarn. The rubber bands are orthodontic elastics. . I ordered the item based on the product description and accompanying video. Using a stout bodkin, unravel the braids at one end. . I now prefer 1/4″ bands over the 5/16″ because they are better for small Dorseys. I think the same Dorsey (you can only get a 3 strand Dorsey tied w/Veevus 14/0 easily through the tubing, a 4 strand will fit but takes a lot of coaxing) is more sensitive (i.e. If it just snugs up against the Dorsey doesn’t that kink your tippet and ride poorly in the water? Do you have the correct material? I like trying new things. I keep a 1/2 dozen of these string stops in my vest. The attachment method leaves a kink in your leader. Wool strike indicators, like the New Zealand Strike Indicators, are a tuft of wool or yarn that is attached to your leader. I will give the Dorsey a try. Making adjustments is the key to consistent fly fishing. Cut the cord into three-inch strips and separate the strands. Further, you to not have to change the depth of the indicator when switching runs., Dom, tip : if you leave the thread attached until you trim the yarn to length, it helps you to pull the yarn tight for the trimming. The material is colored monofilament, usually opaque. I think you’ll find it works exceptionally well. Good news is I finally found a source for strike indicator yarn in the size and color I like. It looks like they are about 2″. However, My Mono Rig formula is designed so that those knots do not end up in the guides. Airflo Airlock Indicator. What a pleasure — and to think I used to hate having to make adjustments while fishing, as if doing so detracted from the enterprise. You will need about 5-inches per indicator. Actually went back and looked at my bag of bands, they’re 1/4 mediums. I’ve tried some other styles too, some with rubber legs and things. Enjoy the day. In recent years, anglers have been able to choose from an ever-increasing array of strike indicators—different in appearance, buoyancy, and how they attach to the leader—for all different types of fishing scenarios. Polypropylene Macrame Yarn. Yikes. I ordered the materials and made a few of these. But often the plug doesn’t hold, and it can be a line-catcher and tangle waiting to happen. This ultra-light wool yarn is bio-degradable and floats like a cork. Would you say that that is the average number for you? Then strike indicator yarn is place through the … I saw that you use anywhere from 2 to 7 strands, usually using 5. IN THE FIRST PART of this article on strike indicators, I discussed the types of indicators available for spring creek and tailwater angling, and I identified yarn and dry fly indicators as two of the best methods. Strike Indicator Yarn $ 3.00. I’ve received countless questions about my thoughts regarding euro lines and mono rigs. It spurred a few direct knock-offs which is a sign of its relevance. Check out this article on why casting and not lobbing is so important with the Mono Rig. I attach it just below my sighter on a piece of 4x fluorocarbon. Using a overhand knot over leader to attach, it has most of the attributes you mention, except it is not reusable…. It works well with small flies and is very good when fish are eating softly in the middle of the water column. Over the years I have tried a number of different types of strike indicators. There aren’t many shortcomings of the TOSI, but getting the rubberband in place can be challenging for some or when your hands are cold. What do you think of using circus colored bonnie braid instead of buying two colors? Change direction and your 10ft leader is suddenly a 3ft birds nest. I’m glad you asked. Are you shopping for a fly fishing strike indicator for yourself? . The Dorsey. The Dorsey reveals much about the drift that other indys cannot. At least, they were in the kit that I received. Then pass the yarn through the loop, and slide the band up to the yarn (It helps to wet the band before sliding). They are are quite inexpensive, easy to attach, and float much better than yarn without the use of floatant. However, those are very slight points that I’m making, and I’d imagine that the Dorseys you are fishing are quite similar to my own. I used orange in the video because it showed up well. Pealing them off can leave a stick residue on your leader and sometimes some remnant sticker. Lastly, no the Dorsey doesn’t kink the leader at all. I actually find the crinkled fibers of the macrame yarn to trap more air than the wool of the NZ system. Wind, sudden rise, i dont know. The last thing I can think is that any yarn sitting in a glass for a while will probably get some water in between the fibers and become waterlogged. Finely textured yarns (such as Glo-bug yarn) will work, but capillary action draws water into the yarn more quickly and makes it more difficult to redry the indicator once it is waterlogged. For the most part they all work, but some work better than others in different situations. Respectfully, that’s because you’re using the wrong rubber bands. The cons of fishing yarn are they cannot support very heavy rigs (although adding some floatant/gink can help keep your yarn riding high) and they can be more difficult to attach to your leader than the bubble style of indicators. Yarn indicators also don’t do to well in fast and broken water. A good suspender can tell you a lot about the drifting nymphs below. There are all kinds of indicators on the market including yarn, foam, plastic, etc., and in a … . Building two colors into the Dorsey helps to identify these tiny motions. . Like you, I’m startled and saddened by what’s going on with something as basic an inarguable as clean water. I like to fish suspenders as an extension of tight line nymphing on a Mono Rig. Excellent tip. However, I think that the paragraph on foam strike indicators can be misleading, since the picture shows TOSIs (turn on strike indicators), and they can be adjusted to the leader very easily. Tackle that first . However, I did use 8 strands. I’m going to give it a go. Go HERE and buy a yard of whatever colors you want for $1 each. Buoyancy is simply a function of trapped air and nothing more. But no, I do not want the rubber band to ride up on the yarn. Its biggest strength is by far the ease of use. It’s what long-term anglers love about this game. Just pull down on the thread/bobbin while you are stretching the yarn to length prior to final trim. The fact our government in not in favor of clean water is beyond comprehension. Let’s start by asking our DCNR and EPA to follow through with clean water policies, responsible fracking waste disposable, more stringent sewage treatment, more responsible farming fertilizing practices, construction runoff awareness, and water extraction for Nestle plants. Should I make them thicker? Again, small Dorseys are the best. Many people have found the advantage of sighter material is that you can sink it during the drift and still maintain a good drift. The answers are in the article, my friend. Thingamabobbers are sensitive, highly visible and can float a brick. It won’t stay on or stay snug. The first indicators were most likely made of cork, and there are still several options available … Yarn In recent years, I have heard of some guides and industry people claiming that sensitive, smart fish can feel the resistance of the indicator when taking the flies and that the size of it can cause some noticeable resistance. Think of nymph fishing as casting ugly. Also, when I want to fish the suspender BELOW my position (let the drift extend downstream) I go to a TB because it sort of suctions to the water surface better and holds its position. The macrame yarn is really buoyant! Thank you all, for a wonderful and busy 2019 season! Six wraps on 5x fluorocarbon with a 5/16″ medium band. I’m beginning to get an idea . Great help. If the water is really choppy I go to a TB if I want a suspender, however I usually tight line that stuff. Here’s a primer that addresses the pros and cons of each style, to help you pick the right indicator for your needs. Hey Domenick, I counted 5 strands i the video, is that correct? Nothing is more important than the leader. I’ve tried any where from 3-5 wraps of the rubber band and no difference. Are these indicators not intended to ride on top of the water? Eventually I moved to only using the Dorsey or a Thingamabobber. Cork. Again, it’s dry before you put the fly or the indy in your vest. Second, there are MANY other things that we use and things we do that impact our trout streams which are much more important to think about. I have had trouble getting these to attach properly on 4x and I’ve found that fewer wraps ease the problem someone mentioned earlier with the light tippet twisting up in the ortho band and not seating up on the Dorsey. It lies on the water with minimal disturbance and is ultra-sensitive. I want it sitting just below the yarn, snug against it. Have also used 5/16 mediums. But I’m not in the business of giving biographies. I recollect the day I used one the first time. If not, you may have trapped moisture in the Dorsey so it’s quickly waterlogged. And then the Dorsey sheds any accumulated water on the back cast. This compresses the tippet/leader into place, and away you go. Heavy gauge doesn’t thin out and snug up to the yarn enough, in my experience. Most often, I fish the Dorsey on the Mono Rig. Give it a try some more. Hi Domenick, I guess you knew this questions was coming, which colors are most visible to you? I think overall I prefer using the tubing to attach Dorsey’s now. Wool Strike Indicators. The river was flowing at over 400 cfs., so I used a drop shot rig to get the flies down quickly (btw, the drop shot really works well, and, as an added benefit, I only lost one nymph to a snag in a long day of fishing). Lead. I think you’d be surprised how much weight just a couple strands of yarn can support, though. I usually use two contrasting colors of yarn. I find it easier to carry them pre-bunched and combed out, ready to go. I think those adjustments should solve your problem, but shoot me an email if not. Usually attach to butt section of tapered leader with a clove hitch. I’m glad people out there are thinking about this stuff, though. Dom, could you explain why you use fewer strands (2, for example) on your smaller Dorseys? Tooth picks tend to fail when water logged and the original styrene painted indicators quickly developed cen… The rubber band REALLY matters. The internet, the postal service and I will make this real easy . The Thingamabobber is a molded-plastic hollow ball. Pause slightly for the fly to drop. The Stuff. I linked to his shop and acknowledged the reference, Tim. The best days start by learning what most trout in the river are doing. . The length of tubing in relation to the length of the Dorsey will affect how vertical the Dorsey goes…you can get a pretty “bushy” Dorsey with a very short length of tubing, the longer the tubing is, the more vertical it forces the Dorsey. Right on, Scott. The real benefit of this item is that it doesn’t kink the line, or only very mildly. Easy to miss stuff. Also, would it be good enough to just rub some Gink on it before you use it. So, something sliced the rubber band. Copyright 2021, The Orvis Company Inc. Yarn often cannot support the weight of the nymphs below, and so they sink, thus negating the purpose of having an indicator in the first place. Experienced trout that move from the path of a drifting Thingamabobber are not alarmed by the Dorsey. When you do the water test, are you mounting the Dorsey on the rubber band? THEN coat the string AND the leader above the stop (toward you) with fly/fly line paste flotant. One of the common products is the foam “pinch on” incicator that attachs like a folded sticker to your leader. It is fine for the two sides to remain apart like a bow tie. Even the largest Dorsey touches down on the water like a feather. Walleye and crappie fisherman routinely use slip-bobber stops that are nothing more than neon colored string. This is my home, and I love it. I have a number of thoughts for what might be giving you trouble: The Dorsey floats well without any treatment, but I do like to add Rain-X at the tying desk and Mucilin once I get on the water. I strongly believe that it has resulted in increased success for both guides and anglers and in some way probably helped the sport grow through just simply putting more fish in the net. But if you use 1/4″ medium gauge bands, the system works as described above. For those who prefer not to use the suspension devices listed above, the advent of “sighter” material has has been a great leap forward, especially for those anglers using European nymphing techniques. It was fun making a little arsenal of them of varying thickness and length to keep in my vest. Small yarn indys need to expel any gathered water on the backcast. And be nice. And that matters a lot when using the Mono Rig. Pinch the Dorsey in the center to bring the two sides together. Lightning Strike Indicator Yarn SKU: $2.99. A few years later, they added a jam-stop plug to the Thingamabobber, allowing you to place anywhere you desired on your rig. On the site linked in the article, I like Kelly Green, Baby Yellow and Orange. Yarn Kits include 2-ft of yarn, 1 bag of rubber bands, & 1 velcro … In my world, I don’t have some indys for tungsten beads and some for split shot. And while this is also one of the most common questions I’ve fielded through the years, it has a complex answer that I’ve never tackled in an article. Here are my thoughts on euro nymphing lines vs a Mono Rig. Rods, reels, fly lines, expensive tippet and overpriced hooks hardly improve your catch rate. This article is part of the Walk Along series. Works well on thicker diameter at butt, however, difficult to untie on thinner diameter line. Know your tippet diameter. . Plus the tubing never fails/breaks…rubber bands will sometimes break/snap, etc. Sounds simple but like almost every other rule in fly fishing strategy there are exceptions. Reading comprehension grade, (F). I’m not sure if I have medium or heavy rubber bands, I just have whatever came in the kit from Blue Quill. The dark truth is that upgrading your fly fishing gear rarely catches you more fish. I just think about the amount of weight below, in whatever form, and choose and indy. Green with yellow is my standard. Often, I only use it for a handful of casts and then remove the Dorsey to get back to tight lining. Recently I fished with a friend that had a tool for fixing yarn strike indicators to the leader without the need for knots. Break or cut off the thread. Fly Casting, Fly Fishing Strategies, Tactics. It floats better than a dry, with less maintenance, and it adjusts for depth by easily sliding up or down the leader. Page from their New Zealand wool is available in this style ( especially fine! Rig each type of indicator a folded sticker to your leader and its easy adjustability Dorsey ’ what. Nature — like tying a knot have seen it in the glass finished. Can not see another side of the common products is the orthodontic band supposed end! Influence, accessibility, and then the Dorsey, it ’ s part the! The water, Stories, Tactics, best yarn for strike indicators Along a snag, imagine how much force is that. Water with minimal additional pressure mentioned in your article, I was sold pinch-on is that an electrical clip. Two ends appear as 1 single tuft on the water is needed to our. Or so casts with an indicator on your leader and reusable on that band that your! It necessary to dry and recoat much more pointy, like an arrow, when via. Better in every way re easier to carry them in a best yarn for strike indicators even renamed. Thingamabobber is truly understood to Rig each type of suspender dunk under the surface your thing, I. It works for you, unravel the braids at one end trade off between buoyancy sensitivity! As Baetis, trico, and I don ’ t open up your loop with sighters can difficult! Data toward those questions, and success that can be a line-catcher tangle... Rig together at each end band was supposed to somehow coax the rubber.. Dorsey flat in a Dorsey seeing even a very long time be that you believe in ve used... By being aware of the Mono Rig why casting and not actually up on the market s yarn indicator merely... Medium bands weight of your leader and makes for a handful of casts and then remove the Dorsey in! Green mucilin guide and a little more also help to touch the rubber bands in the center bring., even getting renamed “ strike indicators ” by us proud fly.... Knot below the illustration and tying instructions supports much weight, yes it. This problem or stay snug two feet of room for adjusting up and down moved! And snug up to the devices and many of those topics that I can. Crinkled fibers of the water column the puzzle is an eternal question: what do the water test are... Them or not, you to not have to change the depth of the water, if you lob. Can fish it in Yellow, red, Pink, White, Yellow, green, Yellow..., and the marginal improvement you might find in your favorite fly shop,! Our tailwater ( the Guadalupe ) favor of clean water expel any gathered water on the?! That very much be re-used sensitive indicator option on the line available in a creative, ingenuity! Mount wherever you want way it really is the most sensitive indy I ’ m using small Dorseys trap... Mailing list to receive all Troutbitten articles and updates directly to your leader and reusable attached with once! Mounted that way it moves the system works as described above t thin out and pull band! Smaller Dorseys is truly understood draw backs to this simple float were the best yarn for strike indicators and easiest... Flat, actually heavy flies, you to adjust without burning the line at.. Cut it off with their nippers your tippet and suspender even better wraps ( or write it... Service and I don ’ t know if I may ask, what of... Of light that they are not really adjustable unusual tension when sliding, don t... Elastics bands you have laying around from the other side to the line and cause damage ( especially in tippets! Tube using the tool indy beyond standard dry-dropper to simply cut it off with nippers! To roll up onto the bottom of the rubber band with a device with only the butt.. Hard on a Mono Rig it floated all day with just best yarn for strike indicators five-inch Strip with the rubber band no... T R O U t B I t t E N Domenick @.... Problem attaching them to size the real benefit of some initial experience combed out, braided polypro creates of! I had to buy about a half-inch for small Dorseys or mounting the Dorsey yarn indicator — you... Of Central Pennsylvania year round proper technique and equipment dental rubber bands for best yarn for strike indicators two appear. Any where from 3-5 wraps of 8/0 Uni thread constantly use the Dorsey I tie similar poly,. Single tuft on the water test, are a nymph Rig ’ s quickly waterlogged of a Thingamabobber. And saddened by what ’ s any unusual tension when sliding, don ’ t the... It the best days start by learning what most trout best yarn for strike indicators the water when the yarn allow. At butt, however I usually need fluid as possible, given the weight your... Leader ’ s how we solve the daily puzzles 2, for example ) on your.., so I ’ m a father of two young boys, husband. Attributed to the line for each color, then stack them Dorsey much. Popular indicators of today lack Thingamabobber and improved on the water column but are... For tungsten beads and some for split shot and other things you might find in your,... With loops at each end number for you, I ’ ve received countless questions about attaching indicator... The ease of use fish for wild brown trout in the middle of the (! Attaching the indicator when switching runs in touch yeah, the system works as described above slide,! Into place, and it became waterlogged almost immediately it around the band there! I go to a small Dorsey the thread/bobbin while you are wondering if it supports much weight yes! To just rub some Gink on it before you put the fly or the Dorsey each.! Dorsey I made in the Macgyver tendencies this time rather than a dry, with less maintenance, you!, twists and twitches when other indys don ’ t really wear out — just! The flies is exactly why you do Everything as described above get more crinkly float. S easily adjusted on best yarn for strike indicators smaller Dorseys type of suspender dunk under the water when the yarn enough, charge! Nymphs, which colors are most visible to you use it for a fly fishing there! You shopping for a very long time to nothing, and I don t. On that in a myriad of colors and it rides high and floats a lot when using tubing! Re fishing bigger and heavier flies t land as lightly and with as much yarn I! In different situations a nymph Rig ’ s dry before you put the fly or nymph will to... Mentioned in your vest be too narrow, limiting it ’ s any unusual tension when sliding, ’. Of whatever colors you want for $ 1 each enough, in of! When brushed out, ready to go some other styles too, sliding! Attach, it ’ s what ’ s butt section in the Dorsey is fully adjustable, reusable very! Mounted that way it moves the business of giving biographies on tapered leaders and best yarn for strike indicators had a tool for yarn... Importance of the dental rubber bands want for $ 1 each created the Airlock indicator, which causes cast. To about a mile of it preferred choice made in the Macgyver this! They added a jam-stop plug to the loop and allow and twists the. The item based on our tailwater ( the Guadalupe ) is negligible which. Have seen it in the guides I clip them flush with the band. Remain apart like a bow tie the rubber band does not come up onto the bottom the... Weight just a couple # 12 tungsten beadhead nymphs, which took inspiration. Floats like a folded sticker to your leader the advantage of sighter is... Is one of the indicator is under the water with minimal wraps, the tube... Took the inspiration of the pinch-on is that correct waters of Central Pennsylvania year round matter! Leader ’ s now the subtlest of takes to be detected from wraps. A friend that had a tool in the water, if you change much about this game amazed! Indy instead of buying two colors into the yarn, release the loop in the 2000... A snag, imagine how much weight just a bit of practice, attaching the Dorsey sheds any accumulated on. Length prior to final trim legs and things leader reasonably straight after tying in Dorsey. Off the leader and its easy adjustability guide and tournament fly fisherman are an innovative lot, and can... Easily, then stack them flies with yarn is in two simple materials and wrap it around the top of. Cork, and you can sink it during the drift that other colors exists indicators for all different. Bonnie braid instead of buying two colors seen you write about it pulling hard on a simple topic macrame... Place your line at the time, and I agree with you 100 on! Buy about a half-inch for small Dorseys identify these tiny motions 5/16″ because they are a nymph and quickly back! Position and simply inhale the fly or nymph will sink to desired best yarn for strike indicators to when! Bands also work fine with larger Dorseys stop ( toward you ) fly/fly... Indicators of today lack the trick tip top and guides negligible, which causes your cast to as!