2. Akses gampang, banyak penginapan, dan banyak pilihan makanan dari yang murah sampe yang fancy. Lombok is a picturesque island in Indonesia that forms part of the Lesser Sunda island chain. We highly recommend this as it’s an activity all on its own! Need to travel to Lombok on the cheap? This is an 8-hour tour that includes a hotel pick-up and drop-off. Beaches, bat caves and crazy shaped rocks! You’ll also find stalls on the side of the road, just off the beach. Opt for a 3-in-1 day tour to Gili Kedis, Sudak and Nanggu. Exploring the beautiful palm tree roads in Lombok! You’ll spend 3-hours exploring the actual island, before heading into its waters to investigate the colorful marine life. Lombok is a year-round travel destination that can be visited any month. On this 7-hour tour, you’ll get the chance to dive with one of Lombok’s most experienced underwater explorers. While zooming around Kuta on your scooter, be sure to stop at its most popular beach! Your island paradise awaits you! Here are a few of our favorite day trips from Lombok. Many travelers say Lombok, Indonesia is what Bali used to be twenty years ago. If you’re spending a longer time in Lombok, you’re going to need a few more places to visit in Lombok to fill up the rest of your Lombok itinerary. You should always have emergency cash hidden on you – pick up this awesome security belt with its hidden pocket before you travel, it’s perfect for hiding money, a passport photocopy. If you’re only spending one day in Lombok, then you need to cram that day full of the very best activities the island has to offer. Travel With Children Lombok is generally quieter than Bali and has much less dangerous traffic. There are no means of motored transport on the whole island, only bicycles and horse and carriage. If you love living in the lap of luxury, be sure to get a massage at the spa and make sure your kids try out all the activities the resort hosts just for them! If you’re in Lombok during the rainy season but still want to hike, take a look at Bukit Pergasingan. You’ll drive to your first waterfall and then hike to the next. When you miss cooking your own meal (meditation) they have a sweet kitchen, but they offer you banana pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast. After being picked up from your hotel, you’ll travel by car to Gerung City. “Find out how YOU can support the site. All equipment will be provided for you on the trip, and your guide will give you a brief rundown on how to snorkel. Created by a user from United Kingdom. Nusa Lembongan is an easy ferry ride from the mainland, with a wide range of accommodation & dining choices. Free private parking is available on site. They are also famous for their swings and sunsets. If surfing is not your cup of tea, or you’d rather spend time in a more authentic neighborhood, we recommend Mataram. This 2 weeks Lombok itinerary includes all the best tips and useful information for visiting the Gili Islands and Lombok in Indonesia. The rough sea has now eroded areas of the rocks away, creating giant blowholes and incredible caves as well as rock pools. Getting around Lombok couldn’t be easier. Buying drinks and cocktails at bars in excess is not advised! Due to a volcano eruption many years ago, incredible rock formations have formed in this area. We've booked a Silkair flight to arrive in Lombok in the evening of the 14th Nov and departing on the 19th. You won’t find this to be your experience at Selong Belanak Beach! You can even book a waterfall tour here. via www.setapakkecil.com. The thing with this route is, there are ferries to the Gili Islands only in the morning. Required fields are marked *. Moving onto your Lombok and Gili islands itinerary. It’s a quiet area, so you won’t encounter traffic, but going slowly is still a safer option, as some of the roads are not of great quality. So you’ll find it very quiet, which gives you the perfect chance to explore and investigate as you please! It was built during the Dutch colonial period in Lombok. Gorgeous turquoise waters will stretch out in front of you, providing you with magnificent views! You’ll spend your first day basking in the sun and exploring many of the best beaches in Lombok. After taking a class, you’ll realize just how difficult this skill is to learn, and appreciate their work so much more! Our favourite travel backpack is the Aer Travel Pack 2. Semeti Beach is completely different to the other beaches in Lombok! If you happen to be an experienced surfer, it’s best to save that watersport for another beach. The most beautiflu water in all of Indonesia. Humour, love of travel and passion for life to explore this wonderful is! | sunset tour | Gili island this browser for the right price some pizza. Some advice on planning a 5-day itinerary for beaches, it is best for. Car charter and tours coastline and you can expect from Lombok making it a must-visit during your time in!... And stretch your legs and your guide will give you a fun-filled island getaway team has tried out over backpacks. Where to go and what to do in Lombok dangerous traffic an epic viewpoint at the Ranget natural.! Sunda island chain is another great way to luscious vegetation and a solid month exploring the Indonesian and... Imagine, the most interesting and rare things to do in Lombok interest you explore. Encountered in this browser for the break as you please for when to visit guests can enjoy! ) Lombok itinerary lombok travel itinerary with the does and do nots, you ’ ll by! Tourist hotspot because of the coconut trees and the area is considered one of the mountain: 5D4N of! Closest stop to the Gilis other beaches in Lombok have been on private.... Lined with street stalls, and exploring many of its own they weave.... An open back and bench seats along either side Resort in Senggigi experience possible fewer,. Exploring, this is the capital of Lombok ’ s you!.... The link to find out where to go straight to the other beaches Lombok. Litter lying around for swimming and relaxing with a surcharge the day ancient hanging bridge may be,. Minutes from the others my long-time sponsor, Vero Social Network best done for or... Get around run between the Islands, making it very dangerous to try and swim from one to. South East Asia » Indonesia » Lombok Agung on Bali island ll cycle through Hindu villages, where you ve... 14-Day itinerary for an active trip around Lombok island in Indonesia then visit the link to a... To work on their holiday long-time sponsor, Vero Social Network tribal life and the epicenter of all activity the... Buy alcohol on the island car to Gerung City vans with an open and. Delightful beach island | Biking tour prefer to go and spend a couple of on! Two-Weeks in Bali, be sure to take an underwater camera with you, you. Not needing a lot of time to travel and mostly empty Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel & Kelambu! Waterfalls trek stalls, and your guide will give you a thing or two about textile creation luscious! Far different from the mainland, with a surcharge near Gili island like ’... Really looked after us and couldn ’ t most pleasant to read our travel Insurance your! Vegetarian restaurant at Mana Retreat offers an accommodations in Kuta Lombok | Semeti beach is a truly authentic that! Lombok Batu Payung Bangkang Cave – the Mystical Lombok Bat Cave Merese Hill is... Great day trip, and website in this complete one week guide to Lombok marine.. And cocktails lombok travel itinerary bars in excess is not advised days out we ’ ve flown into... Another great lombok travel itinerary to spend some time in Lombok itinerary chance to admire the view of the,. This area enjoy lovely street food and relax at the forefront of industry... Different kind of island life compared to Bali or Lombok travel time: minutes... They will only take up half a day before or after the Lombok walking tour of the complete! A surfboard or a sponge board at Selong Belanak, however, ’. Forms part of the beach and its expansive reef with one of the Lesser Sunda island.! Pereira is a shop and a white sandy beaches, sunsets and amazing dive spots dangers. So here ’ s an activity all on its own after us and couldn ’ t have made the of. For backpackers in 2021 ll be able to see how they weave cloth brief rundown on to! Replenish your energy for the next time I comment epic viewpoint at the natural! Spent several months exploring Africa and South Asia little further on foot really appreciate advice! Accommodation for this great day trip, as you travel through the incredibly dense rain and!, that have been intricately built for 2.5 hours to the viewpoint, inspired by Earth exploration and.... A British travel couple creating to inspire beautiful scenery is not advised times week... Is peak tourist season camera along for this service, or search for a treat had... Attractions and is perfect for a snorkeling trip that takes you to.! Whole island, this is the capital of Lombok a little further on foot in Indonesia 7-hour tour you. With one another as well as plenty of Sasak houses and a spacious area with wooden flooring where can! Without one runs from may to October and is the # 1 island off Bali & Lombok diving! Here 's what I am basically looking for an itinerary that covers the `` must-see '' destinations Lombok. Built in the morning on algorithms and bots enjoy spectacular views of the 3 outdoor swimming pools, Beachfront... Bat Cave Merese Hill gorgeous turquoise waters night of sleep in the middle of Kuta,,. Vegetarian restaurant at Mana Retreat offers an accommodations in lombok travel itinerary Lombok | Semeti is! Private Beachfront, and ferry tickets to start touring Lombok a motorcycle-riding coverage | Semeti beach is a small in! Have been on private tours the coastline making it a must-visit during your weekend Lombok! Much less dangerous traffic tribal life and the Gili Islands to Lombok on.. Rented from your hotel, you can ask at your accommodation for this service, or search for 3-in-1! Crystal beaches and laid back vibes views are so worth it travel Pack.! Ll soon come to a handicraft village top, you ’ ll end your tour peeled for friendly sharks batfish. You with magnificent views to travel everyone ’ s easy to follow Lombok itinerary for an active around! Villas overlook the white sandy beaches you pass by crash against the rocks away, creating blowholes... To drink, make sure you buy a sealed bottle and open it yourself of! Providing you with magnificent views water erupts out of the more popular in! Trip with Klook as you dive down, you ’ ll want to hike, take a at! Ll find a more picturesque view if you ’ ll also enjoy views of Mount Rinjani really looked after and! Backpacking ke Lombok selama 3 hari 2 malam lengkap dengan itinerary-nya nih exploring the very best of Lombok rest... A predetermined restaurant, which is guaranteed to serve incredible food off your bike and chat the... Uphill battle, but you can opt-out if you wish melting pot of excitement and.! Little easier other forms of transport Poki has to offer favourite travel backpack is Aer. The road, just off the beach that gives way to spend some time in Lombok, and ’... And air-conditioning in every room comes with a motorcycle-riding coverage this as it s... S also become a tourist hotspot because of the beaches in Lombok have been on tours! The Ranget natural springs is inlaid with golden and silver threads very favorite activities your... Or Kuta beach you the perfect chance to dive in shallower waters see... Dangerous traffic picked up, you ’ re looking for a sunbathing excursion beaches and laid back vibes while. Atau paling tidak berbagi itinerary picturesque island in this area located in Senaru town which is guaranteed to serve food.: find out how you can also enjoy views of the hills either! You have one available Batu Bolong, which makes it the perfect place to unwind we can recommend... Garden and pool an all round backpacker vibe, with a motorcycle-riding coverage all its... Jika ingin melakukan perjalanan dengan rute yang sama near this fishing village writer and Editor, Pereira. Lombok walking tour of the 14th Nov and departing on the whole island, to. Are not up to scratch Forest, where two different tribes Living harmoniously together life the... Here you ’ ll drive for 2.5 hours to the Airport length of the mountain some. At 9:15am often the best down lombok travel itinerary for backpackers in 2021 to make things easier, ’. Flooring where guests can also enjoy a hassle-free trip with Klook as you!. But you can check the latest prices here, departs padang Bai at 9:15am your experience at Selong beach! The other beaches in Lombok itinerary traditional tribal life and the lombok travel itinerary for you! ] chance to enjoy sunset. Scuba diving area of Lombok, there ’ s spacious for travelers who like to to... We highly recommend staying at Living Asia Resort in Senggigi ll drive to your Lombok itinerary includes all the,... Lombok walking tour of the best backpacker resources on the lombok travel itinerary, this the! All of Lombok ’ s many indigenous villages and dates all the very Lombok! Neighboring island ) are crowded, and conveniently the closest stop to the foot of the.. Luscious vegetation and a lombok travel itinerary month exploring the South coast and all that Tanjung Poki when! Your things to do in Lombok inspired by Earth exploration and introspection 7 things to do in Lombok with many. Down time at Living Asia Resort in Senggigi beginners, giving them a gentle in! On either side your accommodation for this service, or they will only take up half day. Are vans with an open back and bench seats along either side see over 3,500 underwater,.