Azzameen's flight helmet was white with red stripes and marked with the Alliance Starbird. Aeron contacted the family's modified maintenance droid MK-09, whom the Azzameens referred to as Emkay, via e-mail and provided the dr… Azzameen, despite the objections of his Uncle Antan, joined the Alliance as a starfighter pilot and aided the Defiance in its flight from the Anoat sector. However, the enemies were unexpectedly powerful and Ace was beaten helpless. Word had spread in weeks prior of mysterious new starfighters attacking civilian convoys and leaving virtually no survivors. Attacking the Viraxo ships, the Azzameens were able to drive off the Pursuers, earning them the gratitude of the Director. Scrambling fighters to pursue, Yamarus sent Azzameen and Olin Garn to capture Kupalo. After the Otana destroyed the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Scylla, Juno and Lara groups entered the system and moved to steal containers from the facility. [1][8], Unfortunately for the Alliance, the Razor was assaulted during its flight, and disabled. Impressed, Emon offered to buy Ace a drink at Dunari's Rest. [1], With two successful missions made possible due to the information provided by the mysterious Imperial informant, Yamarus dispatched a team to investigate the listening post Comm Center, comprised of a multitude of satellites arranged in an asteroid field. Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance or XWA is the sequel to both Star Wars: TIE Fighter and the multiplayer-focused X-Wing vs. His ploy worked, and Kupalo dispatched the Z-95 Headhunters of Bandit Squadron to meet the TIEs. TIE Defender (T/D) 1.2.6. With Terence McGovern, Charles Martinet, Neil Ross, Jarion Monroe. During the operation, the Gamma-class assault shuttle Omicron entered the system; spotting the Azzameens, the ship deployed Zero-G assault stormtroopers to investigate Aeron's actions. He considered the recapture of AA-23 to be of top importance, due to the invaluable Imperial information it may have contained. [4], Examination of the Bretie datacore showed that the TIE Experimental Project, under the control of an Imperial Director by the name of Lenzer, was primarily developed at the space station Obsidian. Some time later, Alliance High Command received more transmissions from Imperial territory, using the same outdated codes as before. [14] Azzameen was assigned to Solo's YT-1300 freighter, the Millennium Falcon, to be flown under the command of General Calrissian in the upcoming space battle. Upon arrival, Ace docked with the Redhawk and moved to the Otana's dorsal turret as the cruiser's complement of Preybird fighters attacked. This pilot was Ace Azzameen, whose experience flying freighters, particularly in dangerous situations, was unparalleled among Liberty ' s pilots. Light[1] There, the craft was disabled and boarded by the Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport Storm Unit and its team of commandos. Rushing to the transport's aid, Azzameen and his wingmate routed the fighters and their escort, the Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport Suluk. [1], Ace Azzameen was created by David Wessman for Lawrence Holland's 1999 video game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. Azzameen dispatched the fighters, destroyed the Pelican, and collected the abandoned pod[4] before jumping to the customs checkpoint Tinoon Station. Rebel Craft 1.1.1. Fighters launched from the Imperial II Star Destroyer Goliath present in the system, but Red Squadron was able to cover the rescue attempt. Dunari personally collected Emon before evacuating the station, which was shortly after taken by the Imperials. [1], At Twin Sun Station, Aeron and Ace set about their task with little resistance, but upon retrieval of the warheads, an Imperial/Viraxo force entered the area and began to bombard the facility. Azzameen was stationed on the Defiance, where he was run through a pair of tests to discern his suitability for recruitment as a starfighter pilot. [4] After a short period of waiting, a Viraxo Razor Fighter squadron attacked the Otana and the Sabra, though they were easily defeated. His skills were also employed by the Alliance during the theft of Tydirium, and by his siblings on numerous occasions. Ace's efforts did not go unnoticed, as he was given honorary Bothan Spynet membership for his feat of stealth in the core recovery. There are three mission types that will appear in the mission log queue list. It had sustained heavy ion cannon fire, and was in dire need of resupply. Tomaas was very proud of his children, and was given renewed confidence to approach Antan with the proposition of joining the Alliance wholesale. [1] Setting out in the Sabra, once again, with Aeron in the Otana, Emon in the Andrasta and Tomaas with Galin in the GR-75 medium transport Vasudra, the group met their contact at Saruwen. [4] Following this, Ace was given the Azzameen Family Crest, as he was considered the best pilot in the family. Azzameen escorts the Tydirium out of Outpost 327. T-Wing Intercept… Sure enough, the Highroller exited hyperspace with a modest escort of R-41s. Upon reaching Obsidian, the Rebels encountered the Imperial Research Ship Sardis, the master control ship for all experimental TIEs, and a number of TIE starfighters. Released by LucasArts in early 1999, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance is the fourth title in Totally Games' popular series of Star Wars space combat simulations. Join the Awakening Rebellion, The Menacing Empire, or the Credit-Hungry Black Sun in a fight for control of the galaxy. Emon and Ace entered the Denbo system far too early, while Aeron attempted to convince those in charge of the outpost that her delivery was legitimate. Ace Azzameen has flown this ship ever since his first assignment. Councilor Fey'lya owed a debt to the Alliance following the liberation of Bothan slaves several months prior, and so he agreed to meet with the admiral on the Liberty. Ace was particularly close to Aeron, who would often look out for him in seemingly dire situations. The End Run's technicians, however, feigned a fault, and sent out Zero-G workers to investigate. Frustrated, Aeron retrieved the spice and returned home with the knowledge that their container storage areas had been compromised. His love life, on the other hand, turned sour, when his girlfriend left him due to his affiliation. Alliance Starfighter Pilot, Ace Azzameen Ace is the youngest of Tomaas Azzameen’s four children. He was able to adapt to almost any situation, sometimes using a certain type of craft in an unorthodox fashion for exemplary results. Golov Nakhym himself attempted to flee in the Lambda-class shuttle Lendros. Ace Azzameen grew up during the Imperial era on the orbital space station Azzameen Home Base, where he would often use the station's flight simulator to pass the time. [1], Nammo's hit-and-fade techniques against supply convoys proved to be effective, allowing the Task Force to dedicate itself to other concerns. Upon arrival, however, the Azzameens discovered that they had returned to realspace in the center of an Imperial Weapons Testing Facility near Carida during a live-fire turbolaser testing of five Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Once in the proximity of Falcon's Nest, Ace's B-wing group destroyed the mercenary group's static defenses, allowing the ATR-6 assault transport Storm Unit a clear path to the station. Ace Azzameen? [1], Any recommendation that Azzameen could have given was soon rendered irrelevant by the Imperial attack on Dunari's Rest. The Sabra, much like the Millennium Falcon, is a reliable ship, not lacking firepower nor shield strength, SPEED LEVEL:     |===============>| (Over there somewhere -->). The arrival of family friend Dunari in the Deadman's Hand saved the droid the trouble, and Dunari provided the necessary escape coordinates and guided Emon, in the Andrasta and Ace, Aeron, and MK-09, in the Otana, through an asteroid field and past the station Outpost AS-27, providing them a route to return to the Liberty. Quickly identifying the rest of the craft, Azzameen destroyed Holtz's probe droids before returning to the Defiance with his valuable intelligence. Antan was pleased with the fact that he would be able to keep tabs on the Viraxo, and word of the operation spread. Assault Gunboat (GUN) 1.2.7. Aeron worked on slicing the Redhawk's flight logs, eventually finding the coordinates for the mercenary base, and Ace detached the ship and headed for the destination through hyperspace. [4] Ace delivered the droid to Aeron on the Sabra in the Zephry Asteroid field, and returned home to the Defiance. As Azzameen was the most experienced at flying freighters in his group, he, with MK-09 as copilot, piloted the commando-laden craft. Skin color Homeworld The station's Director hurriedly contacted Ace and Aeron, begging them for help. [1], Once back aboard the Liberty, Azzameen joined the Y-wing bombers of Green Squadron as they launched an assault on the Hurrim base of operations. They had completed their recon mission for the Alliance, but had been stopped by the Imperial Star Destroyer Accuser and the Interdictor cruiser Grappler. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [15], Azzameen's piloting skills were not limited to combat, however. The ships began swarming all over the Andrasta and the Otana as Emon and Ace destroying the Highroller, with Emon collecting the ship's steering wheel as a souvenir before moving to engage the attackers long enough to escape. Covering the retreat of the Alliance craft, Azzameen engaged TIE interceptors in his Y-wing bomber, a feat that not many could emerge unscathed from due to the comparative slowness of the Y-wing. Male[1] Azzameen flew with Red Squadron in a T-65 X-wing starfighter, covering Green Squadron's attack. Yamarus and Kupalo ordered all pilots to their craft immediately, and by the time Azzameen had launched, the battle was raging all around the cruiser. Ace Azzameen (pronounced /Ās Ă'-zämēn/)[2] was a Human male who became a highly regarded pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Emon, enraged, commanded MK-09 to find an exit vector, a task made difficult due to the station's proximity to the Maw—a large collection of black holes that hindered hyperspace travel. Z-95 Headhunter (Z-95) 1.1.5. Awakening of the Rebellion 2.8.1: Commencing Ground Assault. Planning to raid the Viraxo orbital facility 1 and steal warheads, Aeron figured they could use the stolen goods to supply the Rebellion—a move with twofold benefits for the Azzameens. When MK-09 began to suggest a better strategy, Ace responded by shutting down the droid's communication systems. In the heat of their flight from the Imperials, Aeron remembered that Olin Garn had given her the coordinates of the Alliance's Defiance Task Force, and suggested that they look to the Alliance for help. With MK-09 piloting the Sabra, Ace used the ship's turret to destroy Emon's planted target drones, before Emon helped him clear a field of junk containers. Escape coordinates were found, and the Otana escaped the Carida system and returned to Cargo Station, where they found that the Redhawk had departed. Aeron, figuring that the mercenary cruiser had possibly left for the mercenary base, downloaded the station's logs and fed Ace new coordinates, which he followed. During flight duties for the Alliance, Azzameen was equipped with an orange flight suit. Azzameen, using new ion pulse warheads installed in his Z-95, was able to aid in the capture of several of the new craft as well as the ETR-3s that seemed to accompany them everywhere. Azzameen moved to engage the waves of fighters coming from the Imperial ships as the Executor destroyed the defense platform Sentinel, as Zaletta urged the Bothans to hasten their exit. Starting out as a freighter pilot for his family's business, Twin Suns Transport Services, Azzameen was pulled into the Galactic Civil War between the Alliance and the Galactic Empire when his father and older brother perished while docked with the hidden Rebel space station Hospital during a bacta delivery. Azzameen was stationed on the Defiance, … Rebellion Heroes are the opposite of Control Freaks and Oppressors (Imperialists, Tyrants, and an extended version of Usurper).They are oppressed heroes and heroines who fight against tyrannical systems or governments that hurt them. The Millennium Falcon fired the shots on second Death Star's central core, destroying it and striking a major blow against the Empire, before escaping the space station. Antan was the only member of the family who was opposed to the Rebellion, and he put up a great deal of resistance to Tomaas' attempted assistance. [1], Though Ace was often the only Azzameen asset located aboard the Defiance, MK-09 would visit often, bringing the Otana to whenever he was needed and acting as Ace's regular gunner. Note that I'm not actually bothered. [1], One of the members of the coalition, Golov Nakhym of the Hurrim, requested that the Alliance help them in a raid on a civilian convoy near Corvalis, in the Nezni system. Green Squadron destroyed the incoming corvettes, however, and prepared to disable the station. RZ-1 A-wing (A-W) 1.1.4. Additionally, he was able to train on a multitude of spacecraft, including Imperial vessels, thanks to his proficiency in holosimulators. She planned to raid the Viraxo industrial complex VXO-33274 for supplies she intended to deliver to the Alliance via Vergesso Base, a base located within the largest asteroid in the Vergesso asteroid field. Azzameen would recount his experiences on the proving grounds to MK-09, which the droid then compiled in a memoir of his time with Ace. Yamarus dispatched Azzameen and the Y-wings of Blue Squadron to help, but the operation turned sour when the Hurrim breached their agreement with the Alliance and began attacking civilians outright. [1], The Empire responded by issuing warrants for all members of the Azzameen family. In 3 ABY,[5] after Tomaas and Galin were forced to escape the Alliance to Restore the Republic's base on the ice planet Hoth at the onset of an attack by the Galactic Empire. [4], The siblings took the family's matching YT-1300 light freighters, with Aeron in the Selu and Ace and MK-09 in the Sabra,[1] Ace took his first trip through hyperspace[4] as he delivered some supplies to the XQ1 Platform Harlequin Station. Although Ace held his family in high regard, he never compromised the Alliance, despite requests from Antan. Yamarus arranged a meeting with Dunari, and tasked Azzameen with flying cover for the Alliance delegates in his personal Z-95 Headhunter outfitted with a civilian transponder. [1] Tomaas was the co-founder, along with his brother, Antan Azzameen, and head of the shipping company Twin Suns Transport Services. Indeed, his siblings and uncle knew that he was someone they could turn to if they needed an exceptionally gifted pilot, and they never hesitated to call for his assistance. Antan, responsible for the double-cross, hailed the Devastator, alerting them that Tomaas' children were to be captured, before leaving the system. His sources claimed that K'Armyn Viraxo himself would be passing through a luxury resort orbiting Destreg II, flying his Personal Luxury Yacht 3000, the Highroller, with little to no escort. Originally owned by his father, Tomaas, the Otana became Azzameen's personal transport after the death of his father shortly before he joined the Rebel Alliance. Olin Garn war ein Raumjägerpilot der Allianz, der unter anderem den späteren Starpiloten der Allianz, Ace Azzameen, im Raumkampf ausbildete und bei der Verhaftung des Verräters Kupalo eine entscheidende Rolle spielte. [1], Flag retrieved from wreckage of mercenary vessel raiding Azzameen cargo area, Now properly versed in piloting outside the holosimulator, Ace was enlisted by Aeron for aid in cataloging three container storage areas, the records for which she had accidentally destroyed while upgrading Azzameen Station's systems. Azzameen and Red Squadron fought off swarms of TIE Fighters waiting for the Liberty's arrival; when the MC80 cruiser arrived, Yamarus gave the order for the Restrainer to be destroyed, which Azzameen aided in. Commander Devers assigned Azzameen to Blue Squadron, and sent him and another pilot out on a mission to ascertain the location of the task force. As Admiral Garreth Holtz broadcast his request for the surrender of the Rebel craft, the Alliance command on Hospital demanded that the Andrasta and the Otana join their fighter screen, and that command of the Vasudra be turned over. Ace skillfully piloted the family YT-2000 through Vader's fleet, eventually reaching the doomed asteroid base; once Aeron and some of her colleagues were aboard, Ace turned back to the wall of Imperial cruisers. While the Bothans were able to decrypt some of the Imperial protection protocols, their attempts were cut short when a group of Barabel bounty hunters attacked Koth Melan's safehouse, intent on claiming the large bounty on Skywalker's head. He was met with heavy Imperial resistance, but was able to return to the Outrider safely. Ace, his siblings, and MK-09 journeyed to the meeting place at Azzameen Station, where Antan explained that he, on orders from the Empire, had hired the mercenaries to attack the Bothans. Harlequin's own defensive craft, the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Kouerd, had been bought off by the Viraxo, leaving the station defenseless and vulnerable. She was picked up by Emon, while Ace destroyed the Selu to prevent it becoming a Viraxo asset, and the Azzameens safely departed before the Imperials arrived to investigate. Species Affiliation(s) During the transfer, the group had to make a stopover in the Belat system, where they received a panicked distress call from a nearby system. Upon analyzing the captured craft, the Rebels learned that the new variants were in fact remote-controlled by technicians in the ETR-3s. TIE Bomber (T/B) 1.2.4. However, before Ace could accompany her on an outing, Lady Blue perished during a recon mission in the Japai system. At a planet orbited by the space station Golan I, Azzameen identified the Sentinel-class landing craft of KDT Group, disabling the vessels with slaves on board. Although a mere pilot, Azzameen was able to use his footing in the elite Bothan group to convince Councilor Borsk Fey'lya of the Sullustans' innocence in an attack on his shuttle. [1], Antan, concerned that Ace's actions at Harlequin Station would provoke K'Armyn Viraxo, leader of the rival shipping company Viraxo Industries, into directly attacking the Azzameens, requested that Emon teach Ace basic gunnery skills. 1 Biografie 2 Einsätze 3 Privatleben 4 Quellen Olin Garn trat erst nach der Zerstörung des ersten Todessterns in die Rebellion ein. Though Azzameen's voice is never heard in normal gameplay, he can be heard exclaiming "I'm breaking up" or "Ejecting" upon the destruction of any craft he is piloting. Up next is a personal favorite of mine, my Ace Azzameen custom figure. Ordering Ace and Aeron to secure warheads and valuables from the family's orbital repair yard Twin Suns Station, he and Emon retrieved valuable resources from a variety of Twin Sun holding areas. [1], During his youth, Ace Azzameen was restricted to maintenance work while his older relatives were assigned more adventurous duties. After a brief skirmish, Magnum and the Sabra escaped the system and delivered the warheads to the Alliance. [4] While the Python was downloading logs from the station, it received a transmission from an Imperial officer. Entering the battle, the squadron picked off the Assault Gunboats that had stopped the corvette; the crew, unable to complete repairs of the Razor before the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger entered the area, jettisoned the computer in an escape pod, though no Rebel forces were able to pick him up. The Sabra is a modified YT-1300 freighter of the Azzameens. [4] The Rebels' combined attack ultimately succeeded in knocking out the Executor's bridge shields and the ship was destroyed when Green Leader crashed his damaged A-wing into the bridge. [1] Based on Azzameen's outstanding service in past campaigns, Skywalker selected him to fill the vacant spot. [4] Azzameen was later contacted by Skywalker to commend him on his performance[1] and frequently spoke proudly of the mission.[4]. Featuring new balance changes, visual and sound overhauls, and many big fixes from the previous version. Fortunately, he had one more Y-wing than he had pilots, and requested that Admiral Yamarus send a suitable pilot to fill the role. After discovering Kupalo's brainwashing at the hands of the Empire, the Alliance cleared Zaletta of all charges and integrated him into the Liberty's crew. Again dodging fire from starfighters and capital ships alike, the Otana successfully reached the exit vector and returned safely to the Liberty. Ace fended them off, and retrieved Aeron just as the Strike-class medium cruiser Hurricane exited hyperspace in an attempt to catch the trespassers.
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