Wes Craven probably financed this project because his son co-wrote the script and it's always moving to discover that your offspring is equally untalented as you are. There was an air date on Sci Fi. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mind Ripper [Import anglais] at Amazon.com. Durchsuche unser Review-Archiv mit aktuell 33000 Reviews und lass Dich inspirieren! And the gore fans will get some moments they can appreciate in this one, particularly an eyeball-piercing in close-up! The film is a not so subtle re-telling of Mary Shelley's classic "Frankenstein". Mind Ripper - Kahos Humana Review. Für ein Debütalbum nicht schlecht, aber ich bin mit sicher, dass da mehr drin ist. Aber wie schon gesagt, versuchen sie einige Breaks einzubauen, was ihnen auch oft ganz gut gelingt. The biggest problem with Mind Ripper, is clear from the opening sequences - it is mind-numbingly derivative. Lance Henriksen plays the morally offended researcher who leaves the project before all this, but returns after receiving a call for help to save the man (pre-unstoppable death machine mutation). "Wes Craven's Mind Ripper" is a surprisingly fun entry if it can only get around the clichés. Oder: Ist der ´91er-Jahrgang heute noch genießbar. Enter Jim Stockton (Lance Henriksen), who returns to the facility, bringing his ultra-angst-ridden son (Giovanni Ribisi), his daughter (Natasha Wagner), and her melonheaded boyfriend along for no discernible reason. Inside metal.de. So I was set. For some reason, this anonymous 90's thriller is also known as "The Hills Have Eyes part 3". Die metal.de-Redaktion kürt die besten Alben 2020. gewähren tiefe Einblicke in ihr Debütalbum und die belgische Schwarzmetall-Szene, Kurzweiliger Auftritt vor heimischem Publikum, Die besten Alben aus dem 2020er Soundcheck, Alben, auf die wir uns 2021 freuen können. Ludovic Tournier, der vielen von HIMINBJORG bekannt sein dürfte, hatte bei dieser Band auch seine Finger im Spiel. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern. And. Lance Henriksen reportedly said that this is one of those films that "pay your alimony", but at least he handles it like a pro and doesn't show any contempt for his audience. Ansicht eines Reviews. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This 88 Films release is the definitive edition so far with a good HD transfer and a … By the numbers medical experimentation transform a human into a mutant killing machine that is "eternal" from its ability to regenerate. Scheiß auf dieses Jahr mit all meinem Herz und meiner Energie! Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern. Lance Henriksen is the name actor in this Wes Craven produced horror film. Mind Ripper (also known as The Hills Have Eyes III or The Outpost) is a 1995 American horror film released on HBO.It stars Lance Henriksen and Giovanni Ribisi.. I got my pop corn ready came in and set on the couch and what the hell is this? The Outpost (Mind Ripper) is an entertaining movie, I liked the creepy look for the base and since it's kind of an Alien clone it needs a creepy place. Man muss sich allerdings vor Augen führen, dass es sich hierbei um das Debütwerk der Franzosen handelt, also kann es ja nur besser werden. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. reviews | 7/01/2021 CUPID. Or maybe it's because the monster gets bald near the end like the freaky Michael Berryman in the 1977 original? | Despite these noble intentions, the synopsis listed on the box art sums up … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Mind Ripper: CyberWorld 1.0 at Amazon.com. the only good points i can think of is, It stars Natasha Gregson Wagner, Giovanni Ribisi, and Lance Henriksen, but not even that cast, could stop this from spiralling out of control, and into one of the worst horrors ever. Mind Ripper Blu-ray Review (88 Films) Mind Ripper is a conventional '90s horror film that borrows a lot from situational creature features like Aliens, and its stupidity actually makes it quite fun. It's fun to see Natalie Wood's daughter and Giovanni Ribisi in a film, but other than that, there's nothing at all entertaining about this. But all-in-all "Mind Ripper" is worth one viewing. Although it is marketed in some regions as a sequel to The Hills Have Eyes and The Hills Have Eyes Part II under the titles The Hills Have Eyes III and The Hills Still Have Eyes, there are no actors, characters or even storylines from either of those movies. When Reviewed. Bereits nach den ersten Klängen ist klar, dass dies eine französische Black-Metal-Band ist, denn irgendwie haben die Franzosen eine ganz spezielle Art herausgespielt. The characters do sometimes feel unbelievable and are never developed but the action is amazing. I say "fortuitously" because not only are they miles from civilization, but they just happen to be working on an experiment to reanimate the dead (or some such nonsense) when a test subject miraculously falls into their laps. This flick is one of those 'Wes Craven Presents' films, even though Craven doesn't have that much to do with it. The first is the compassion it shows for the "monster". . Wissenschaftler finden in der Wüste einen halbtoten Menschen. … Bereits nach den ersten Klängen ist klar, dass dies eine französische Black-Metal-Band ist, denn irgendwie haben die Franzosen eine ganz spezielle Art herausgespielt. A scientific experiment designed to create a superhuman being has gone wrong.The creators become trapped in a remote desert outpost,pursued relentlessly and mercilessly by their own creation.James Stockton,the scientist whose research was used despite his protests to create the monster,is called the outpost to help undo the horror that now lurks somewhere within the dark halls.James,together with his son and daughter,soon find themselves trapped inside with the others,trying desperately to survive.And with the outpost sealed from within,there is no way out..."The Outpost"/"Mind Ripper" is highly unoriginal.The sets are pretty claustrophobic and there's a bit of gore.However as a horror it fails miserably on almost all levels.There's zero suspense,the script is weak and filled with big holes and the ending is extremely predictable.So-called master Wes Craven produced this one-I wonder if he is happy with this trash.Joe Gayton directs without any style.The acting is horrible,only Lance Henriksen can act at all.OK,I'm a big horror fan and was bitterly disappointed.Avoid it like the plague-it's just the same old boring crap again! | The guy is almost dead. If anything its funny! Soooo bad! It turns him into a half man half creature who eats people's brains. Reviews you may like Read More . The film's worst part is the ending, which gets so far-fetched it's almost funny. Oh no, sorry, that was “Mind THE Ripper”, back when Peter Sutcliffe was doing the rounds. „Deny“ beginnt da eigentlich ganz flott durch die Gitarrenspielerei, aber wenn der Gesang dazukommt, wird er wieder zu gezwungen. Watch it you will love it. This is Wes Craven at his worst! Dann registriere dich oder logge dich ein. Mind Ripper is a cool little sci-fi action film that entertains but doesn't tax your brain all that much. "Mind Ripper" certainly is a watchable horror movie, but it's very unoriginal and features pretty much every lame cliché you can think off (including the estranged father/rebellious teenage son sub plot...yawn). But since this is a horror flick, and a low-budget one at that, I was prepared to give it a chance. Anyway, our heroes are of course trapped in the bunker with no way out. Upon entering the subterranean complex, horror commences. After a while the virus begins to take affect since his hearing is more sensitive and his body is becoming stronger and after the scientists try to help him he breaks out killing one of them, they then try to find him before he kills them meanwhile a scientist who used to work for them (Played by Lance Henriksen) goes to the Outpost with his son, daughter and her boyfriend to check on them but soon find themselves being hunted by the creature, with the the Outpost's doors locked they try to escape with the help of the scientist that didn't get killed by the creature. Your usual bunch of scientists doing morally dubious and ill-advised experiments in a secret subterranean laboratory create a super-strong brain-eating mutant named Thor (handsome, muscular Dan Blom, who's actually quite good) who gets loose and goes on a destructive rampage. Written by Jonathan Craven (son of the late great Wes Craven) "Mind Ripper" is a film about an underground government research team that attempts to reanimate a corpse, only for their creation to backfire and kill them. Spending most of the day stuck on a train, due to a storm hitting after I had visited a friend on his birthday, I was in the mood to catch an easy-going Horror flick. View ★½ Watched by cinemacide 18 Oct, 2020. Lance Henriksen reportedly said that this is one of those films that "pay your alimony", but at least he handles it like a pro and doesn't show any contempt for his audience. You really need to be drunk to enjoy this, Well, Lance Henriksen is in it... that's a plus, Another tedious 'corridors underground' horror movie, A good deal of enjoyably cheesy low-budget direct-to-vid horror fun, You'll want your mind ripped out too after watching this. The film's worst part is the ending, which gets so far-fetched it's almost funny. Set in an underground desert facility, it follows the events that happen after some government scientists inadvertently create a humanoid monster when they inject a virus into a dying man in order to save his life. The characters are like wooden puppets, the dumbest things are being said and done and there's a completely pointless dream-sequence...coming from the monster!!! Here's the summary-a team of people find a man in the desert. REVIEW: MIND RIPPER (aka THE OUTPOST) / CERT: 15 / DIRECTOR: JOE GAYTON / SCREENPLAY: JONATHAN CRAVEN, PHIL MITTLEMAN / STARRING: LANCE HENRIKSEN, GIOVANNI RIBISI, NATASHA WAGNER, CLAIRE STANSFIELD, JOHN DIEHL, DAN BLOM, GREGORY SPORLEDER / RELEASE DATE: 25 TH JUNE. Sie nehmen ihn mit in ein unterirdisches Gentech-Labor, in dem ein streng geheimer Forschungsauftrag durchgeführt wird. It also has some gory scenes that make it funny. Dazu trägt natürlich auch der französische Gesang bei, der bei fast allen Tracks zum Einsatz kommt. J.J. im Interview: "Alles andere würde mich zu einem schlechten Poeten machen.". They inject him with something that saves his life. Audience Reviews for Wes Craven Presents Mind Ripper Aug 19, 2010 A reminder as to why I hated most direct to video fare from the 90s. Metacritic Reviews. Luckily, he spends most of his time shuffling through ductwork,breathing hard, and looking like a Tarzan / Glenn Danzig hybrid. Remember a "presents" title being the last film in a Wes Craven box set,I opened my mind to a viewing. At least have the decency to hear me out! Give them a break. This disaster is due to the insane idiocy of the secret project's head honcho (John Diehl). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Wie funktioniert der metal.de Serviervorschlag? A nearly dead man is revived, only to disappear during a convenient blackout. MInd Ripper is a ridiculous, clumsy, sloppily directed B movie from Joe Gayton. Standard characters, bad dialogue, idiotic motivations and choices. Die nehmen ihn mit in ihr Labor und führen geheime Experimente an ihm durch. If Bruno Mattei directed a rip-off of The Hills Have Eyes, this highly derivative " thriller " , vaguely connected to The Hills Have Eyes, would be the result. Mind Ripper Review (88 Films Blu-ray) What started off as a sequel to The Hills Have Eyes, Mind Ripper evolved into a sci-fi horror film featuring a monster who sucks the brains out of hapless scientists in an underground bunker. Indeed, he quickly transforms into a monster-man w/ an icky sausage thing in his mouth! The End. This movie seems to be the equivalent of watching all of the outtakes from the original Aliens film. And that's pretty much it . Sigh…the stupid government once again attempted to create an inexhaustible and indestructible soldier, and of course the experiments went terribly wrong, burdening us with a half man-half mutant who pukes an awful lot and squeaks like a little girl whenever he's upset. Ok giovanni ribisi is a good actor but this movie is dumb. I saw "the outpost" (mind ripper) I checked on my Tivo for it. Funny how low the budget is, funny how predictable it is, funny how bad the acting is and funny how much money it DIDNT make. Willst du die erste abgeben? Not recommended! Lass andere Leser wissen, welche Platten sie noch anchecken sollten, wenn ihnen "Kahos Humana" gefällt. the gore, and horror involved in the film is laughable, it's just plain rubbish! The plot sees a group of scientists in a research Outpost in the desert find a young man half dead in an accident, they take him in and inject him with a virus they've been working on which should make him stronger. SETH oder AD INFERNA, aber Gemeinsamkeiten kann man durchaus ab und an ausfindig machen.
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