Enjoy! This rare and long out-of-print volume is only the penultimate of 10 volumes of The Psychozoic Press that were originally edited by Elvin D. Smith. I purchased a full set of the entire run of Gnosis magazine from Jay and will be making posts on Terence McKenna-related material that appears within individual issues as I work my way through the collection. —Gail Wood, Montgomery Coll. This is scaring the socks off me!” … It always cloaks itself. Certainly, had the alchemists used psychoactive compounds, they would have approached them in the sacred way of shamans traveling to nonordinary reality in search of spiritual truth and not in the “recreational” use we see today. Paperback $39.33 $ 39. Visit the authentic Oracle of Changes online. The True Hallucinations talking book had, however, just been produced and was positively reviewed, in this first issue of Gnosis, by Ted Schulz. Telepathy was a cornerstone in McKenna’s theories regarding hallucinogenic trips… The individual I spoke with related a personal experience shortly after McKenna’s death in which McKenna appeared clearly to him in a dream. Normally, the thought of spending nine-and-a-half hours listening to a psychedelic veteran recount his most memorable trips would leave me cold, but McKenna pulls off the feat of entertaining in the process. Terence McKenna played a considerable role in my journey with psychedelics, both for good and for the not-so-good, and I want to honour that role. Here’s just a small taste: Finally, I have several (too many to represent here) large prints of Mesloes‘ delightful digital drawings of Terence McKenna, which she delivered personally to the archives when she visited from the Netherlands. The combination of which gives Mckenna a solid basis for writing some of the key components of psychedelic literature and at the same time acts as a signifier for this sub-genre of psy-lit. Another edition of the same book that is produced in a similar style is the Japanese edition published by Daisan Shokan: 幻覚世界の真実 (Genkaku sekai no shinjitsu) (1995). I say absolutely not! See more ideas about Terence mckenna, Mckenna, This or that questions. I have an entire previous blog post on this edition. And I don’t regret anything about the situation I find myself in. Lucy’s art is ever-evolving, and it’s always a pleasure to see what she’s up to lately: Jeff Drew‘s highly detailed digital rendering of Terence’s revisioning of human history ‘from monkeydom to starshiphood’. O all-pervading Visnu, I am unable to keep the equilibrium of my mind! This item is one that I had long held-off on spending archives money on simply because I knew I could eventually get it, and I had previously chosen to use the limited funds available in order to acquire rarer and more pressing items for the collection. If You think that I am able to see Your cosmic form, O my Lord, O master of all mystic power, then kindly show me that universal self. I’ve already covered the Library Journal reviews of The Invisible Landscape (in 1976) & Alien Dreamtime (in 1993) and will eventually get around to reviews of Food of the Gods (book), History Ends in Green (audio), True Hallucinations (book), and Global Perspectives and Psychedelic Poetics (audio) also from the same publication. However, it begins with a set of excerpts by Terence from Esalen in December of 1999, only a few months before Terence’s death, which I thought would make an appropriate object of attention for our remembrance…. he describes UFO/flying saucer symbolism and visions, culminating in his climactic and life-changing encounter with an alien craft. He had no theory to push, he had no axe to grind.”, “In his chosen field, which was psychology and the healing of the soul, he understood better than anyone I’ve ever met that it’s a matter of letting the psyche grow and flower according to its own rules. “Cool, very cool.” -Terence McKenna – http://www.ICHING.com, Terence McKenna in Hawaii @ New Millennium Institute, May 24-30, 1998, [My apologies to everyone for a long hiatus in posting on behalf of The Terence McKenna Archives. Check him out on instagram. Terence in particular had prepared for this inner journey, having devoted a number of years to the study of revelatory mystical experience and having pursued a variety of spiritual teachings in exotic locations around the globe. 6. So the non-arrival of the Eschaton in December 2012 does not imply that TWZ can be dismissed as a fantasy, especially if there is a reasonable basis for proposing an alternative zero date. –Wired Magazine. On the other hand, the two remaining members of the group back off, alarmed at what they perceive as pre-psychotic behavior in the McKennas. I was also, happily, able to acquire Adam Sturch’s original, untitled, 2019 drawing of Terence based on early (Amazon), middle, and late career images. And, I salute him for that. This volume includes part of an interview with Terence (that appears scattered across the issues) as well as a review of the “psychedelic bedtime stories” that make up the 8-cassette tape audio version of True Hallucinations. The encounter was described as a vision of McKenna amidst lush jungle surroundings, covered by ancient Indian tattoos. Issue 9 (Autumn 1984) brought in Tom Lyttle as co-editor, and, following #10, the title of the publication was changed to Psychedelic Monographs & Essays. Terence Mckenna (1946-2000) was a psychonaut, an ethnobotanist with an interest in philosophy and, of course, a writer. Chip was kind enough to send me the original photo positives, which I was able scan at the university at a very high quality, and which he graciously offered me to allow to offer for donation to support the archives. Terence McKenna, nato il 16 novembre 1946, con Sole in Scorpione, Luna in Vergine e Ascendente in Scorpione, spirato il 3 aprile 2000, scrittore, naturalista, operatore sciamanico e filosofo statunitense, tra i personaggi più emblematici della controcultura americana e della cultura psichedelica. Absolutely FREE. Magical Blend: It seems that now, more than ever, writers of science fiction like William Gibson, Phillip K. Dick [sic], and Terence McKenna should be known as the prophets of the future. Suddenly, his theories about the future singularity look a little less likely. Ken was a very gracious host and wonderful story teller…. The late psychedelic drug advocate changed the way Americans think about drugs, and in … The ideas presented in this collection of interviews, speeches, and articles are radical even now, and will challenge the reader. There are many insights on current spiritual movements such as goddess worship, deep ecology, space beings, and virtual reality. Psychedelica expert, writer, philosopher, explorer of the Time Wave. Fortunately, scans of volumes 1-9 are available on Erowid. Sadly Terence died aged 53 on April 3, 2000. This is an edition of Terence’s work that is worth having, even if you can’t speak Italian, for the incredibly competent and compelling psychedelic art alone. Let’s go back to dancing mice and little elves and, you know, the happy, nice stuff! Here are a few semi-randomly selected items that have somewhat recently found their way into the Terence McKenna Archives. What makes this volume particularly valuable and noteworthy, aside from the significance of the affordance for Italian speakers to be able to read Terence’s work, are the copious and excellent illustrations (dozens scattered throughout the text) by Matteo Guarnaccia. It’s a large magazine and was just slightly too big for my home scanner, but I was able to get the important parts in. He is the younger brother of Terence McKenna. In high school he moved to Los Altos, California, and from there attended U.C. And, everyone who has ever had Leo sit for them knows that that was exactly how he worked.”, “One of the goals of Leo’s life was the search for the perfect high [much laughter], and he inspired many of us to follow in his footsteps [more laughter]. And, I think — I like to think — that Leo has now returned to the music. And, importantly for purposes of The Terence McKenna Archives, Ken had kept a folder of material from the history of the Entheobotany conferences, which he kindly allowed me to photograph. To really understand McKenna, you have to go where he’s been and that’s becoming easier all the time. Another very good source for information on Terence McKenna is terencemckenna.co. This is a book about the kind of revelatory mystical experience that is induced by psychedelic substances. Terence McKenna in Hawaii @ The New Millennium Institute, May 24-30, 1998. This preparation notwithstanding, he and his brother returned from their experiment changed men, to spend perhaps the rest of their lives constructing theories about that overwhelming experience, as they continue to ask “What happened?”. Best Terence McKenna … That’s good. I have just acquired the first of two major purchases with the money derived from our ongoing crowdfund. Terence McKenna will always be remembered for the beautiful and uplifting way that he talked about the universe. I am particularly enamored of the vertical, columnar orientation of the Table of Contents and the marbled, malachite-green hard cover beneath the dust jacket. “And I feel that death is close, and I feel strong because of the (psychedelic) community and these people and plants that it rests on, and the ancient practices that it rests on, and I am full of hope, not only for my own small problems, but for humanity in general.”. “When I first met Leo, I was so impressed by his vitality [that] after the public meeting at which we met, I cornered him in private, and I said, ‘Leo, I want to ride in your canoe. If you have a translated copy of a work by Terence McKenna that is not pictured here (or if you represent a publisher of such a work) and would like to donate a copy to The Terence McKenna Archives, please do send an email. McKenna treats this issue with intelligence and bemusement, and this is what elevates his account from mere psychedelic theory-mongering into a genuine, candid inquiry into the nature of the psychedelic experience and of the solutions to the existential questions the experience intimates. He is the younger brother of Terence McKenna. Given the historical context of this sudden gift, I cannot help but feel that McKenna’s “ingression of novelty into time” is about to go into overdrive. He also translated Cesar Calvo’s The Three Halves of Ino Moxo: Teachings of the Wizard of the Upper Amazon among other projects and has recently self-published Hypomnemata: Stories, Fables, Memories (which he kindly signed a copy of for me). Who is Terence McKenna. Your guide will be gardener/curator. We operate on a very narrow slice based on cultural conventions. I feel deeply honored to be asked to speak at this occasion.”, “I felt, when I stood near Leo, that I was standing next to a giant; and what the experience of standing near a giant was was the experience of the wisest, kindest, gentlest, funniest man that I’ve ever had the privilege to know.”. American Botanist Quotes. At any rate, Arjuna is deeply disturbed by the vision he receives: 24. We will live in the imagination.” [citation to interview in Omni magazine]. McKenna describes instances of telepathy, clairvoyance, materialization of lost objects; glimpses of alien beings and higher dimensions; of disembodied voices speaking portents. Check Matt out on his instagram page. [for those with a historical interest, the specific version cited is Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (Swami Prabhupada), The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, NY, 1972]. Today, I received a copy of the June 1998 issue of Magical Blend magazine. What an excellent source of information on Terence McKenna this is. Thanks to one of my friends at rawilsonfans.org for alerting me to this. Jan 10, 2018 - Explore . We also have some copies of foreign-language books or translations that include contributions by, or interviews with, Terence McKenna. The reason for our visit was to talk with Ken Symington, who, among a range of other noteworthy life-achievements that are not the focus of my immediate attention, was the co-founder (along with Terence McKenna, Rob Montgomery, and Jonathan Ott) of the Entheobotany Conferences that took place every year from 1994 to 2001, often held at Chan-Kah resort near the Maya archaeological site of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico–here’s a short video of Terence being interviewed near the hotel pool during one of these conferences in January, 1996: (From Left: Ken Symington, Jonathan Ott, and Christian Rätsch at Hotel Chan-Kah near Palenque), Of the four founders of the Entheobotany Conference, Terence died in 2000, Rob Montgomery, sadly, died last year (2017), and word from Jonathan Ott has been sparse since the tragic burning of his home in Mexico by arson in 2010. The way I see it, either we all make it or none of us will. That is what religion is trying to download to us, and this is what every moment of life is trying to do — if we can open to it. !’: Zeff died in 1988 and Terence McKenna attended and spoke at his memorial on April 17 offering an thoughtful and heartfelt remembrance that includes his application of the name “the secret chief.”, “I’m Terence McKenna. Official website Botanical Dimensions Terence McKenna Bibliography, list of references to books, articles, audio, video, interviews and translations by and about Terence McKenna Psychedelic Salon, Over 100 podcasts of Terence McKenna lectures Erowid's Terence McKenna Vault Terence McKenna on IMDb Following the death of his mother in 1971, Terence, his brother Dennis, and three friends traveled to the Colombian Amazon in search of oo-koo-he, a plant preparation containing DMT. Terence Mckenna Richmond Hill, NY 80 Years Old; Locations Include: Richmond Hill, NY; We could uncover more information on Terence at any time - we update our databases every 24 hours! Terence McKenna wore many hats but was perhaps remembered best for his work as an activist and spokesperson for the use of psychedelics as well as voice for the rave culture. Before doing so, however, I’d like to highlight another aspect of the visit to Sierra Madre, which was the adjacent small theater where some of Terence’s talks were hosted (including ‘In the Valley of Novelty’ & ‘The World and Its Double’). 2. These are the worlds that open up to us on our shamanic journeys, and I believe we have an obligation to explore these domains and pass that information on to others. Born in 1946, McKenna was a skilled author, ethnobotanist, lecturer, and a practicing shaman. I was hoping that it would contain a review of John Major Jenkins’ book, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date (Bear & Company, 1998). Hermes’ Seven Steps are the levels of consciousness through which the shaman journeys, and the Emerald Tablet is his roadmap for a safe trip. But, in the meantime, I figured that I should at least share some of what’s been coming in. I am bewildered in all directions. Who is Terence McKenna. 4. Terence McKenna was an ethnopharmacologist, shamanologist, and author, known for his theories on plant hallucinogens and the novelty wave, and the bardic skill with which he conveyed his ideas. McKenna has been exploring the “Wholly Other” for 25 years. The photograph that accompanies the piece (the multi-armed psychedelic Terence light-photography) is one of the shots by Chip Simons from their late-1991 shoot. According to this individual, McKenna was optimistic in his quest to “reach” friends and loved ones from the great beyond.
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